Safe Access For Floridians Is What Matters

There is a new ‘debate’ about Florida’s Amendment 2, and unfortunately, it is coming from those who ‘support’ medical marijuana, but don’t like their interpretation of Amendment 2 that caregivers and patients will not be able to grow their own. While they may be correct in their interpretation, here is the reality:

How many do you know who have successfully cultivated high grade marijuana at their home (don’t answer this ūüėČ )? Seriously, anyone who knows anything about growing marijuana is that it is time consuming, requires expertise, the right equipment, patience (it takes multiple attempts often to get it right), and it isn’t accessible right away. If you are in need of medicine, you do not wait 3-6 weeks for your local pharmacy to bring the opiates over from Asia and turn them into a medicine. As soon as you find out you are sick, you get your medicine that day, or at least within the week, depending on your circumstances and prescription.

Amendment 2 is about safe access to all. Not just the wealthy or those who can ‘afford’ it. Those who support Amendment 2 come from all walks of life, and all demographics. However, let’s look at it realistically, if we only have FL Statute 893.13 (6)(a)¬†to stand on, and have to try to grow your own.

Dozens of medicinal-marijuana plants grow under special lighting at Denver Relief. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post)

Dozens of medicinal-marijuana plants grow under special lighting at Denver Relief. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post)

Growing Marijuana is not cheap, nor easy.

If it was, everyone would do it. Obviously the biggest obstacle is that growing marijuana in Florida is illegal under state law. While the quoted Statute may assist you if your are arrested, it will NOT protect your equipment, any cultivated marijuana, or other items used. In fact, they could realistically seize your home, your car, and any other possession they feel you were using for growing marijuana. But lets say your local sheriff is of the nicer persuasion and will not bust you. You still have the challenge of growing the herb. This is not inexpensive. Depending on who you talk to, or where you search on the Internet, your most conservative estimate will range from $80.00 to $300.00 or more, just to get started. This does not account for time, electricity costs, maintenance, and loss due to mold, poor lighting, bad seeds, or if you grow outdoors, pests such as deer. Again, depending on where you live, and what access you have, your costs will vary. Since marijuana is completely illegal in Florida, you will either have to get a clone from someone else growing, or get seeds, either through the mail or again, vai someone else who has access to female seeds. And hope you do not get busted along the way. Still sound like something you want to risk? Especially if you are ‘poor’ and cannot afford a lawyer to present your ‘medical necessity in court for you?

No matter what some suggest, the ability to ‘grow your own’ is a novel idea, and for those who have time to invest into this method, we truly do support you. However, let us not suggest that Amendment 2 is taking away access to the ‘poor’, or the sick and tired. Those who are truly poor will not have the funds and/or ability to grow quality marijuana as efficiently as they would be able to access medical quality marijuana by going to the local dispensary and purchasing it. Again, best world would be full legalization and the ability to grow your own or purchase from a dispensary. However, the next best, in our opinion, is to allow safe, convenient access to the majority of Floridians who do not have the ability, the funds, the know how, or the time to wait for a their own cultivation. As this article in the Denver Post suggests in this recent question and answer session:

Q: This is not something somebody who’s not fully committed should do, is it?

A: It is a daily, daily beast to take care of these plants. If you don’t acknowledge something it’s asking for for a day or two, you can lose two weeks of growth. Even if you do not mess up, that doesn’t mean you’re going to grow good marijuana.

Watch the Video here:

Lets look at the two different ‘start up kit guides’ and their price points:


A basic indoor marijuana grow room set-up
1 x 125 watt CFL light $30.00
3 x 2 gallon container $3.00
1 x miracle grow soil $4.97
1 x fan $12.00
3 x high quality seeds $30.00
Total basic grow room costs: $80.00
A professional indoor marijuana grow room set-up 
1 x 600 watt HPS bulb $49.00
1 x 600 watt ballast $51.00
1 x 600 watt reflector $34.95
1 x 500 M3 exhaust fan $135.00
1 x 500 M3 carbon filter $60.00
1 x fan controller $50.00
1 x time switch $6.95
10 x 2 gallon pots $10.00
3 x miracle grow soil $14.91
10 x high quality seeds $80.00
Total professional grow room costs: $350.00
Cost for outdoor marijuana growing  
3 x miracle grow soil $14.91
3 x 15 gallon container $9.00
3 x high quality seeds $30.00
Total cost for small scale outdoor marijuana growing: $55.00

– See more at:

Estimated Total Cost for Growing Five Plants

  • Marijuana Seeds or Clones: Free –¬† $10/plant
  • Nutrients: Fox Farms Hydroponic Nutrient Trio (quart) or Canna Coco Nutrient A & B (1 Liter) – $25-$45
  • Coco Coir – $25 / big bag
  • Perlite (optional) – $10 / bag
  • Five 2-gallon pots – $1 – $5 each x 5
  • Four 40w CFLs per plant – $7 – $10 each CFL, or $28 – $40 per plant x 5
  • Four light sockets per plant at $4 – $7 each or $16 – $28 per plant x 5
  • Power timer $5 – $30
  • pH Kit – $10 – $30

Total: $290 – $555 in total start-up costs



In the end, if you have read this far, we say thank you. We hope you vote “Yes” on Amendment 2 this November 4th, 2014. The safe access for Floridians is what matters, more so than the ability of a few who prefer to grow their own.