Unfortunately, a kick butt video that has enlightened many, or just caused some laughs, has been taken off of YouTube for supposed ‘copyright’ claims. While 4TT may challenge this ruling by YouTube, time is short for us to spread the message about Voting Yes on 2 here in Florida. With just over a month to go, time is critical. So we ask that you share, upload, and do whatever you can to send a message to corporate bullies that the Vote Yes on 2 mission is not going anywhere, and our message to the good and compassionate voters of Florida will be heard!

Enjoy the Video, and again, please share as much as you can:

Here is the full video…for now available here on our YouTube Channel:

This is a message from the creative folks over at 4TT, please share also:


Thanks for watching and remember to vote early, or on November 4th!