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Benefits of Legalized Hemp in America

3 September 2014


 September 3, 2014
Category Hemp Laws

Benefits of Legalized Hemp in America


One aspect of marijuana prohibition that often gets overlooked is the fact that it’s cousin, the non-psychoactive plant known as hemp is also prohibited as well. Although a 2014 Farm Bill legalized research in state agricultural departments and Universities, growing hemp in any state that has not legalized medical or recreational marijuana is still illegal. Even transporting hemp over state lines from a ‘legal’ state to a neighboring state may draw the attention of the feds. However, it is clear that there are many benefits of legalized hemp in America. Below is a good article about how Hemp is being viewed as a potential cash crop, for textiles, food, and even for medicinal oils.


From: Far Out! Hemp Could Power Better Super-Batteries

Could Hemp Be Washington State’s Next Cash Crop?

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